Green Zone Technology:

Removing the Guesswork from Seeing More Prospects

Free 30-minute Webinar: December 9th, 2020 at 4 p.m. EST

Find out how top advisors are seeing an “unlimited” amount of affluent prospects, with less work and higher conversions.


Fact: There is only so much “inventory” in a given area at any given time. Marketing “harder” is not the solution. 

When hitting the same area over and over with the same marketing message, oversaturation is bound to happen.  

We see this firsthand at White we’ve developed a proprietary solution to reduce oversaturation AND increase your chances at a successful event. Taking the guesswork out of event planning.

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Brad Swineheart

In this 30-minute webinar, VP of Channel Marketing and Development, Brad Swineheart, is going to show you…

  • What White Glove Green Zone Technology is and how it uses data-driven artificial intelligence to identify affluent high-demand geographical marketing areas.
  • How Green Zone Tech paired with rebroadcasted events can increase conversions while simultaneously reducing saturation.
  • How Green Zone Tech is already proven to help advisors just like you broaden and optimize prospecting options, resulting in an average 20-30% higher ROI.

Plus, Brad will also reveal how all Green Zone Technology users automatically qualify for a complimentary gift!

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